it’s up, it’s up, @onditimoner's kickstarter is UP: kck.st/10EMcLq
she’s got an ambitious $96k goal to get to, and i really hope she makes it…since that means she’ll be able to follow me around this summer and film a lot of what’s going on.

from the kickstarter: GOAL #3 - THE NEW CEA SERIES - Season One: Amanda Palmer If this campaign is successful, we will launch a unique new series called CEA (Chief Executive Artist), taking a look at innovators in the fields of art and music. We will begin by chronicling Amanda’s next world tour - which is dedicated to playing for the fans that contributed to her unparalleled crowdfunding success. By leveraging technology to become a successful CEA, she turns the business into an art form in and of itself. Amanda’s story is one everyone can learn from and reproduce— a singular story that represents the larger zeitgeist in which we all live.
Once the series gets kicking, we will release these episodes on A Total Disruption every week - following Amanda’s tour of house parties, Ninja Gigs, and many other disruptive events to be revealed. The more money we raise here, the further we can go - both geographically and in terms of number of episodes!

also, i’m a part of some of the packages (including a super-limited reward where you come and hang with me and ondi at a house party)…here are just a few of ‘em:

$40 or more {AMANDA & ONDI BEHIND-THE-SCENES FOOTAGE EXPLOSION} Ondi shoots mountains of amazing footage, but only a small amount of it is ever seen in the final product. This downloadable VIDEO will share over four hours of stunning behind-the-scenes moments of Amanda’s world tour THAT WILL NEVER BE RELEASED ANYWHERE ELSE! Only Kickstarter eyes will have the change to acquire and enjoy! These two disruptive women will highly entertain you.

$95 or more {AMANDA PALMER AND ONDI WRITE TO YOU!} EVERYTHING in the Unabridged Wisdom reward, PLUS you’ll be delighted when you receive a HANDWRITTEN POSTCARD from Amanda Palmer and Ondi Timonor from Amanda’s upcoming touring road-show. This postcard will be UNIQUE from the city where we happen to be at the time, and each and every card will be uniquely and wholly autographed with a love note from Amanda and Ondi. They’re great doodlers and their postcards will prove it. We promise you’ll want one of these. This is the ONLY reward level that includes this reward. You also receive everything in the Unabridged Wisdom reward!

$500 or more {ATD SOIREE PACKAGE} Of course we’ll send you everything in the UNABRIDGED WISDOM reward, PLUS you and a guest will receive a SPECIAL INVITATION to a private event. Ondi and ATD will host a Massively-Disruptive Party in either San Francisco or Los Angeles (TBD) with live performances by AMANDA PALMER and other rocking acts (TBA), to thank anyone who blesses us with a pledge of $750 or more. Mix and mingle with fellow patrons, entrepreneurs, artists, investors, and innovators over drinks and horsd’oeuvres. We will screen exclusive footage from ATD and Ondi wants to personally spend time with each one of you, as do many of our entrepreneurs. Travel costs are the responsibility of the backers and can’t be included in this package, sorry!

i can vouch for this woman, she’s a mastermind. go poke around the total disruption website to see what she actually MAKES, then kick in. pledge, get more info, and check out the other rewards at: kck.st/10EMcLq
her content and what she’s doing are important.


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