my new song, this time with lyrics.
thanks to Andrew Geha for recording it and sharing with us.
quickie audio cleanup via sean francis (@indeciSEAN).
more about it HERE on my blog.
April 8th, 2013 7:39PM: We had a lot of people requesting a download for the song, and…why not? You can grab it for free+donation if you’d like at Bandcamp.


i’ve loaned a lot of things to a lot of friends 
like dresses and records and books 
and some of the time i never see them again 
and in a weird way i think that it works 

because the thing about things is they start turning evil 
when you start to forget what they’re for 
and so if you’re not sure what you did with my sweater
i’ll just try to love you a little bit more 

i had a ring it belonged to my grandfather 
he was a mason 
and gay 
and he was distant and bitter for all of my childhood 
and we never had much to say 

he wasn’t the type to give tokens of affection 
and so i stole ring when he died 
and twenty years later when i lost it at a bar 
i thought 
that’s fine 

the thing about things is that they can start meaning things 
nobody actually said 
and if he couldn’t make something mean something for me 
i had to make up what it meant 

i can carry everything i need in one collapsing suitcase 
i can carry everyone i love in one phone application 
built to optimize the facetime with the ties i’m bent on making 
actually i want to be alone 
to mourn the loss 
of what this cost 
i collected you but now you are all lost 

i think it’s a poem and i think it keeps going 
i’ve borrowed and lost lots of things 
3 nights ago in the bar where i lost it a bartender gave me the ring 

and i lie in bed 
with my phone in my hand 
what can i fix with this app 

and i call my grandfather 
and he doesn’t answer 
and i have to make peace with that fact 

because the thing about things 
is that they can start meaning things nobody actually said
and if you’re not allowed to love people alive 
then you learn how to love people dead 

because the thing about things is that they can start meaning things nobody actually said 
and if you’re not allowed 

to love people alive 

then you learn how to love people dead

p.s. my summer and fall of shows - some solo and some with the band - start this coming weekend in CT (a free show at my old school). if you haven’t checked out the tour dates yet, have a look in my my last blog. hope to see you out there.

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