coachella 2008.

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Well, you know…shit.

why would you pay someone for 26-51 weeks for doing nothing

you have a very, very odd definition of “doing nothing”.

Why would you pay someone for 26-51 weeks to care for a child (which is, as the previous comment states, in no way “doing nothing”)?

Allow me to answer that for you:

  • A study of 16 European countries from 1969-1994 found that “more generous paid leave is found to reduce deaths of infants and young children”; specifically, mathematical models found that
    • "a 10-week increase in paid leave is predicted to reduce infant mortality rates by between 2.5% and 3.4%,"
    • "a 10-week extension [in leave] is predicted to decrease post-neonatal deaths by 3.7 to 4.5% and child fatalities by 3.3 to 3.5%," and
    • "rights to a year of job-protected paid leave are associated with roughly a 20% decline in post-neonatal deaths and a 15% decrease in fatalities occurring between the first and fifth birthdays" (x)
  • A more recent study again of 16 European countries plus the USA and Japan found that “a 10-week extension in job-protected paid leave is predicted to decrease infant mortality rates, post-neonatal mortality rates, and child mortality rates by 2.6%, 4.1%, and 3%, respectively” but that these effects were not found if the leave was not job-protected or paid (x)
  • Women who receive pad leave are more likely to be employed, 54% more likely to report wage increases, and have a 39% lower likelihood of receiving public assistance and a 40% lower likelihood of receiving food stamps in the year after the child’s birth; men were also less likely to receive public assistance and food stamps if they received paid family leave (x)
  • "Maternity leave legislation in Europe effectively increases job protection and female labour market attachment" (x)
  • "An increase in leave duration is associated with a decrease in [post-partum] depressive symptoms until six months postpartum" (x)
  • "Shorter maternity leave (<12 weeks) was associated with higher maternal depression, lower parental preoccupation with the infant, less knowledge of infant development, more negative impact of birth on self-esteem and marriage, and higher career centrality" (x)
  • "Breastfeeding duration increased sharply, by over a month, and the proportion of mothers attaining the public health benchmark of 6 months exclusive breastfeeding increased by nearly 40% [after Canada increased the length of mandated paid maternity leave]" (x)
  • "Maternity leave led to small increases in birth weight, decreases in the likelihood of a premature birth, and substantial decreases in infant mortality for children of college-educated and married mothers, who were most able to take advantage of unpaid leave [in the US]" (x)
  • "Increased time with the child [due to mandated maternity leave in Norway] led to a 2.7 percentage points decline in high school dropout and a 5% increase in wages at age 30" (x)
  • "Children whose mothers return to work early are less likely to receive regular medical checkups and breastfeeding in the first year of life, as well as to have all of their DPT/Oral Polio immunisations (in approximately the first 18 months of life)" and "children whose mothers return full-time within 12 weeks are more likely to have externalising behaviour problems at age 4" (x)

Does that about answer it?

i saw these statistics in one of the TED talks a few weeks ago.

depressing as fuck.

go USA.

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Collage - Paper on canvas - 40” x 30” - 03/26/14 - by Sam Harvey (Jamkola)

holy shit this is gorgeous. the colors are so perfect.



Collage - Paper on canvas - 40” x 30” - 03/26/14 - by Sam Harvey (Jamkola)

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the dresden dolls doing an acoustic ninja gig at #Occupy Christchurch

New Zealand

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who’s got abandonment issues?



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There is beauty in your ribcage,
but it won’t be found
by stretching skin tightly over bone,

it’s in the curve of your mouth
when you open up
to let us see inside.

Happiness isn’t waiting
at the lower end of that scale,
just-a-little-bit-more to infinity and below;

as long as living warrants punishment
and rosy cheeks get painted over cracking twigs
you’re a slave to their regime.

They’re not hiding in the folds of your skin;
not lurking in the pantry,
or in the corners of your smile,

they’re creeping through the back of your skull,
and every time you look in the mirror
it’s not you they want you to see.

Don’t let them force feed you those lies,
their guilt bears a bitter tinge you know isn’t right.
I’m offering you truth, and it’s healthy.

Love yourself,
even if they try to tell you no one else will.

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photo by desi.